Our People

Dacordie Vickers - A True Inspiration

Dacordie Vickers is a phenomenal young man who was blessed at the age of fourteen with...

Future Star

Dexton Barnes

A multi-talented young man from Westland Mountain, Negril, Dexton Barnes aspires...

By Brian Moseley  | Sept. 24, 2013  | 

Things every Jamaican have to change if they get rich.

Have you ever heard the saying “If me get rich, me naah change”? That is total nonsense! If you get rich...


Ways to get your lover’s parents to like you.

It is the parents job to be protective of their children especially their daughters. I don’t have a daughter and I know thatt...


DJ Karismatic - The next big thing

If you have ever been to Kool Running's Water Park I am sure you have seen DJ Karismatic in action. If not, you should. He is...

death Notice

Jermaine Scott

On Saturday May 10th 2013, Negril suffered the lost of a vibrant Business Man whos life was taken by a motorcycle accident at Tank Hill Negril. According to his autopsy he...


A letter to my Frenemies

While you watched me strive, you say you would rather if I wasn’t alive You have seen me cried because...




By Brian Moseley  | Sept. 24, 2013  | 

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